Grasping at Economics: A snapshot of intellectual baby steps

At the request of my wife, I was cleaning out a few of the myriad storage boxes in our “junk” room. I came across a few sheets of paper that … Continue reading

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rêver et puis rire

darkened visions peer through time glimpse colors of the possible hope, fear, struggle, life standing, walking, running reaching, grasping calling out to the infinite hearing a voice being a voice … Continue reading

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It’s not Obama’s fault…

We’ve heard it before. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And when referring to the federal government, the concept so eloquently framed by the phrase is usually a … Continue reading

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Expensive suits, Easy women, & Cheesy One-Liners

I finally did it.  I reached that milestone. You know, the one every man seeks to achieve at least once in his lifetime… Twenty-three movies.*  Dozens of women.  Hundreds of … Continue reading

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would a poor man say that? (a rebuttal to the assumptions of a poor man)

1. Other people are able to make money work for them. That means it’s possible. I will make money work for me. Not someday…but starting today. 2. “Work” is not … Continue reading

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Assumptions of a Poor Man

1. I don’t  have money; other people have money.  It isn’t fair that other people have money and I don’t.  Maybe someday I will have money. 2. The only way … Continue reading

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cut loose

I read a very interesting article the other day on the website, The Art of Manliness.  That title alone should intrigue many of you.  The article I read was about … Continue reading

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What’s the Story?

Apparently I missed something. Somewhere along the path of my academic journey, which is to say “at some point in school,” I missed the original definition of a certain word.  … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Pipe Smoking…#3: It’s Not for Women

Dr. Pepper may not have made too many friends among progressives or in the women’s rights camp…but, come on…what a hilarious advertisement slogan. And while there are many women who … Continue reading

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